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The dento-alveolar apparatus is an extremely complex system, which is routinely disturbed throughout human life by a number of local and general painful processes. It is also often subjected to gross injuries in the domestic and military situation.

Dental Prosthetics

A single defect in the dentition arises when the dentition continuity is broken, i.e. loss of a tooth caused by various reasons: caries, periodontitis, parodontosis, operations due to various jaw neoplasms, trauma, vitamin deficiency, etc. Options for Prosthetics

1) Making a cantilever

2) Making a bridgework

3) Making an overdenture

4) Making a "Maryland"-like prosthesis

5) Implant prostodontics

Bugel prostheses

Bugel prostheses in dentistry are used to eliminate defects in the dentition or partial absence of teeth. Basic properties

1. High chewing efficiency

2. Reduced prosthetic field, rapid adaptation to the design

3. Alveolar resorption occurs slowly, therefore the load during chewing is distributed on the supporting teeth and partly on the mucous membrane and the dental arch

4. High-quality disinfection of the structure is possible

Possible complications

• Inflammation of the mucous membrane (metal plastics allergy)

• Fracture of the retainer tooth.


Lumineers are ultra-thin plates of very strong ceramics developed by the Cerinate American company. Lumineers are fixed on the front of the teeth with special glue, so you get a completely new smile - a smile of your dreams. The first consultation is free.

The advantages of lumineers:

  1. 1. One of the main advantages of lumineers is that there is no need to saw teeth to fix them
  2. 2. The second advantage of lumineers is that they help to quickly align your teeth without resorting to prolonged use of braces
  3. 3. Lumineers can be used as an alternative to teeth whitening with whitening gels, which give an uncontrolled and short-term effect, while lumineers make your smile irresistible quickly and for years to come.

Ceramic Veneers

Not so long ago, the main task of dentists was to help those suffering from toothache and restore the teeth destroyed by caries. A trip to the dentist was associated with an extremely unpleasant need and ended with the manufacture of amalgam restoration at best. Veneers are porcelain or composite plates replacing the vestibular (outer) layer of teeth. They allow to correct the violation of the shape and color of the tooth, and also protect the teeth (for example, when playing a wind instrument). As a result, the restored tooth acquires strength and does not differ from the rest. Veneers are made in accordance with the shape, color of the patients’ teeth and their wishes".

Indications for use of veneers

Ceramic veneers are used in a variety of situations: from the elimination of small defects and chippings of incisor teeth to correcting of congenital malformations of hard tissues or changing the color of pigmented intact teeth. In addition, veneers are successfully used to eliminate diastemas (spaces) and correct the position or shape of teeth. If you need to improve the ugly but healthy teeth, ceramic veneers will allow you to get a wonderful aesthetic result.

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